Le Judas

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    Couzin Films + Kngfu + Radio-Canada
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A rich landlord is found dead and six of his tenants are prime suspects. Well, in fairness, he had been spying on his tenants using elaborate surveillance equipment. And now it’s up to the viewer to help the police detective examine all the seized material in order to unlock the clues to and solve this murder mystery.

Le judas is an innovative transmedia experience composed of 12 episodes to solve a murder mystery suspense thriller using a participatory ARG where the viewer becomes a player whose role plays an integral part in the investigations. Players are called upon to assist police inspector, Eve Levesque, in analyzing all the seized surveillance footage, by inspecting the evidence left in the apartments, by searching the suspects’ Facebook profiles for clues, and even engaging in real life events to complete the missions and find the real killer. The game platform allows players to chat with the police inspector, collect clues and accumulate points and badges.

Le judas is a unique experience that crisscrosses across several platforms. Passive viewers can simply watch the series. However, the more involved you choose to be, the more the story becomes a part of your own life.  The devil is in the details collected from obscure websites, social media traces, mysterious phone calls, odd meet ups, hidden video frames, intricate puzzles and clues hidden in plain sight that have all been planted to eventually solve murder and close the case. The 10 most dedicated players were invited to be actors in the final episode in which the murderer’s identity is finally unveiled.

For over one and a half years, our team worked closely with Couzin Films and Radio-Canada to orchestrate such an intricate investigation.