Le sous-sol de Maurice


Maurice, an obsessive collector, has decided to empty his basement and give away his most treasured objects – a collection that represents his most cherished memories. Rather than sell his items – he wouldn’t dare turn this into an epic online garage sale – he would rather exchange his possessions for some art.

With each object that he posts on his website, he calls upon his internet community to post a photo or video to Instagram with a specific hashtag. The image or work of art that inspires him the most, gets the object he is giving away.

Maurice wants to give his collection a second life and he wants to promote the photos and visual inspirations of others.

Based on an original idea by Patrice Charbonneau, architect, designer and artist. Maurice is a fictional character based on Patrice Charbonneau’s grandfather. The object being given away are real and represent the world in which his grandfather lived and admired.