Oui Haïti

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    Ministère du Tourisme d’Haïti
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Steeped in history, nature, colour and light, a visit to Haiti offers tourists limitless opportunity to experience its vibrant cultural landscape. Beyond beaches and resorts, a trip to Haiti is about stories, adventures and its people.

The Minister of Tourism mandated Kngfu to help transform Haiti’s image and encourage future visitors to discover the soul of this country. Kngfu created Oui Haiti, or “Yes Haiti”, a concept that is both an affirmation of the country’s position as a major destination and our enthusiams to go there. It is also an answer to a question ask by Haiti and the world: Will people come to celebrate its beauty, diversity and its uniqueness? Yes.

The first version of the interactive website is comprised of richly texture videos, photos and soundscapes that explore the island from an original and enticing perspective. Guests to the website are invited to upload photos and text to share their experiences and become part of Haiti’s own journey to rediscovery.